Whether you are looking for a pre-purchase exam, or need help determining the exact issue with your horse, LB Equine has got you covered. Check out some more details regarding our diagnostic steps below.

Lameness Exam2017-11-06T23:02:48-06:00

Lameness evaluations and pre-purchase evaluations can be performed, which include flexion tests, basic health evaluations, and imaging.

Flexion Tests2017-11-06T23:03:29-06:00

A flexion test involves taking a joint, holding it in flex position for 45 seconds to 1 minute to see if it changes the horse’s gate. This helps to exaggerate a lameness or soreness the horse may be experiencing.

Diagnostic Blocks2017-12-26T16:05:34-06:00

A Diagnostics block is a procedure used to figure out where the soreness in the horse is coming from. It works by injecting the horse with a form of anesthesia to “block” certain nerves on the horse at certain places where perceived pain may be. By performing diagnostic blocks, we can isolate the source of pain, and then go on and do X-ray imaging.

Digital Radiography2017-11-06T23:04:30-06:00

At LB Equine, we perform our radiography using a special wireless plate that does the x-ray imaging on the horse. We can quickly pull up the images right there to determine any problems during your visit. 


At LB Equine we use ultrasound to assess the horse’s soft tissue structures, which is helpful in diagnosing injuries involving tendons and ligaments.


Our Endo-i endoscope can be used to assess the upper-respiratory tract of the horse.


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